I?d like to welcome you to my website.  It?s been newly updated and revised and I?m very pleased you?ve come to visit.

I offer yoga retreats that are so much more than simply yoga?I hope you?ll get a sense of what they are like, from the information and galleries here.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions which may arise.

I love to travel, bring people together, create community and experience being fully unplugged with people who are looking to expand their inner and outer horizons.  Sometimes I choose locations I?ve previously held retreats, because they were so amazing!  And other times I choose locations which I would love to explore, and where I think others would like to join me on my journey.

In addition, I have local classes, when I?m in Fort Collins, my wonderful home.  My class schedule is also regularly updated here on this site. 

Thank  you so much for your time and interest!

May your Freedom Journey lead you to places beyond your wildest dreams. 

Peace and love,