Sabré Page

I have recently made my way from Colorado back to my childhood city of El Paso, Texas. I am embracing the warmth and sunshine, the culture and peacefulness. From my home, I lead Zoom Yoga classes for women in the middle years of life. I have plans to begin day-long retreats out of my home, which is quite conducive.

Previously, I  taught yoga in Fort Collins, Colorado  for 25 years. There, I held classes at CSU, Fort Collins Club, Miramont, the Senior Center (through Parks and Rec), The Mother Center, for teachers at Poudre High School, Unity, my own classes at the Masonic Temple Lodge, and through the Aspen Club, for seniors.

Before teaching yoga, I was a Certified Massage Therapist on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, for 11 years. I began teaching yoga there as well, then became certified through The Yoga Institute, in Texas, before moving to Colorado and began teaching full time. I also have a B.A. from the University of Texas in Creative Writing. I have taken and taught writing workshops and will incorporate writing in some of my retreats. I also paint pet portraits and have dabbled with fused glass art and jewelry making. I moved to Colorado, partly, because of my love of hiking, and the Rocky Mountains called to me.

Living near mountains and now in the desert, I miss the water,  and am excited about leading retreats which are frequently seaside, or in otherwise fantastic places to explore.

I’ve been a student under a wonderful myriad of teachers including Baxter Bell, Nicki Doane, River Cummings, Gurmukh Khalsa, Sarah Powers, Sean Corne, Erich Schiffman, Judith Lassiter, John Friend, and the greatest teachers of all, my students and my two sons, Kyle and Grant.

I teach intuitively, drawing from the energy of the class and the Divine in us all, for guidance. I like and provide variety and I love to have fun!

~ Sabré

Freedom Journey Yoga Retreats

We travel to exotic locations within the safety of a group setting. We make connections with each other that can last a lifetime.

We make connections with ourselves that go deeper than those which we access in our daily lives. We eat healthy, lovingly prepared, local food.

We walk on roads less traveled, with indigenous peoples and learn about their culture. We may listen to music, dance the night away, or meditate by a pond for hours…. the choices are limitless.