Through yoga, I believe we begin to experience what it feels like to cut loose from those mental ropes that bind us so. We focus on ourselves in a deeper way, becoming the Witness to what we observe within ourselves and within our bodies. We then create deeper connections within our relationships and in our communities, and then  with our earth, and the Universe.

When we add to the yoga the glorious adventure of travel and retreat from our daily lives, a whole new level of liberation takes place. We have the opportunity to connect with people from other cultures, and with nature. We experience different food and activities, all of which add to our perspective and broaden that deep feeling of being so very present, and so very alive!

My pleasure is traveling through the world with open-hearted, open-minded people who love yoga. I will do my very best, on each retreat, to provide beautiful and clean surroundings, delicious and healthy food, safety, and adequate information to cover most details! I will be sensitive to the dynamics of each group, and it is my intention to co-create community within each, which is magical. On some of the retreats, besides yoga practice, I will add activities, such as writing, hiking, and other adventures, to add variety and spice.

I believe our coming together is an adventure unto itself, and I am honored you are considering being part of this experience. I am grateful, always.



Retreat Testimonials

“After attending Sabre’s Costa Rica retreat in 2015, I immediately signed up for the one in 2016. Sabre’s yoga, the amazing retreat space of Blue Spirit, and the beautiful setting of Costa Rica made this one of the best vacations I’ve ever had!”

~ Jennifer G., Colorado


“Sabré is very attentive and mindful of her students; excellent at accommodating and tailoring poses to my physical restrictions. Beneath her calm, soothing demeanor lies years of evident expertise as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Her sessions are (often literally) a breath of fresh air compared to those mega classes offered at gyms.”

~ Gary J., Colorado


“Participating in a yoga retreat has been on my ‘bucket list’ for many years. I went into the Costa Rica retreat experience with high, hopeful expectations, and Sabré’s retreat truly exceeded all of these. I have been practicing yoga for the past 15 years, experimenting with different styles, classes and teachers, and found Sabré’s teaching to be fantastic. I always felt appropriately challenged as several modifications as well as challenge opportunities were consistently offered. In addition, Sabré provided lots of variety throughout the week, incorporating flow, hatha, yin, partner yoga, and yoga Nidra options. Her classes were always fun as well as a great workout. Sabré is an inspiring woman with a strong passion for life. From her retreat, I learned a lot about yoga, about life, and about myself. I am now integrating these new discoveries into my ‘regular’ daily life.”

~ Jenny A., Vancouver, BC


“Sabré’s leadership was impressively open and agile with a very diverse group; she managed interesting, diverse personality styles with ease and acceptance.”

~ Sally C. , Ohio


“Sabré, you have so much energy and you are able to keep a positive and well-grounded attitude. I love that you are so engaged and passionate about life and your vision.”

~ Jane A., Calgary


“Sabré, in my closing statement, I neglected to add my thoughts on how help can come in many forms~one of those is how your teachings/intentions are also to help others. Keep up the kind work!”

~ Tonya, Colorado


“Since I do not do yoga on a regular basis, I was not sure how I would like an entire week of twice daily yoga. It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. Sabre’s classes were so wonderful, she taught us so much and was truly an inspiration. Every class was different, and I learned many new poses, as well as mastering poses I had found difficult before. All this in a scene of breathtaking beauty! I will not say that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, because I fully expect to do it again on one of Sabre’s future retreats. I will say that it is an experience not to be missed!”

~ Suzy U, California


“The warm weather, the abundance of delicious homemade healthy food, the spacious, comfortable casitas, the sounds of the birds, ocean waves, cracklin’ bamboo trees are some of the highlights of my experience at Sabre’s Yelapa retreat. Yoga in the open air Sky Temple with the surrounding ocean views was amazing. Sharing the experience with a group of lovely people and my guy made it special.”

~ Mary G., Colorado


“It is with great pleasure I send my deposit for 2015. I’ve never had so much fun!! Sabre’s care and attention to every detail were evident throughout!”

~ Betsy P., Colorado


“My first yoga retreat with my first yoga instructor! Instead of a weekend at a local spot, I chose Sabré?s week-long retreat in Yelapa, Mexico. It was not a mistake! In addition to excellent yoga, we enjoyed light, healthy and tasty meals as well as time off to enjoy some local sites. Each day we climbed the many steps to the yoga studio. One day we took a 6-mile round-trip hike to see a waterfall. There are no vehicles in Yelapa, so we walked every place. Because of the exercise and great meals, I returned feeling healthy and trim. Our group of 30 included people of varying ages and yoga experience. Sabré managed all the details for a well run and fun retreat for each of us. Her attention to detail even included making sure we were assigned lodging appropriate for our age and ability to manage the many stairs up to the yoga studio. She is caring and thoughtful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for either a yoga instructor or to attend a yoga retreat.”

~ Ev K., Colorado