Where will your Freedom Journey lead you?

Through yoga, I believe we can begin to taste what it feels like to cut loose from those mental ropes that bind us so. We focus on ourselves in a deeper way, becoming the Witness to what we observe within ourselves and within our bodies. We then create deeper connections in our relationships and in our communities, and then our earth, and the Universe.

When we add to the yoga the glorious adventure of travel and retreat from our daily lives, a whole new level of liberation takes place. We have the opportunity to connect with people from other cultures, with nature, and we experience different food and activities, all of which adds to our perspective and broadens that deep feeling of being so very present, and so very alive!

“Sabré is an inspiring woman with a strong passion for life. From her retreat, I learned a lot about yoga, about life, and about myself. I am now integrating these new discoveries into my ‘regular’ daily life.”

Jenny A., Vancouver, BC

Upcoming Retreats


January 19-26, 2025
Todos Santos, Mexico

Fire & Ice

May 4-11, 2024        Iceland                                                   

4 Elements

Ocboter 26-  November 2, 2024                                  Iceland

“I teach intuitively, drawing from the energy of the class and the Divine in us all, for guidance. I like and provide variety and I love to have fun!”
~ Sabré