Do you want to lead A Retreat?

Are you thinking about leading your own retreat (yoga or other), but don’t know where to begin? Or you have the interest of people, but not the time or experience to organize?

Whether you just want to have fun and teach yoga on the beach for a few days, or you want to develop a full-time career in providing retreats, your main goal will be to provide an OUTSTANDING experience for your participants. I can help you do this!

Your goal may be having your expenses paid as you lead a retreat, or you may want to make enough money to cover expenses AND make a profit of $10,000 or more! I did this on my first retreat. I can help you do the same.

I’ve developed three different ways to help you, given my years of experience in a wide variety of places.

Level 1:

This is basic information sharing to get you rolling on your own organizational adventure planning a retreat. Among many other things, I can answer questions about and give direction for:

* how to get started finding a location

* how to communicate with venue managers

* how to choose dates

* how to organize your time during a retreat

* how to recruit people

For this service, we can plan phone conversations, FaceTime or Skype, or meet in person when feasible. The investment cost is $222/hour.

Level 2

This level kicks it up a notch, where, in addition to the assistance listed in Level 1, I will also help:

* hone in on specifics details, then start to lay the foundation for you.

* do the research and make the initial contact with venue owners and managers

* develop the foundation for your retreat style

* figure out pricing for the retreat, gratuities and extras

* with menu planning and procuring the chef

* coordinate your travel plans

I will be sharing specific ideas about what works and what doesn’t, from my years of experience learning both!

Basically, for this level, I do the organizational work done at the computer and sometimes on the phone, and you do the work of rounding up your participants, and eventually leading the retreat.

There are many, many hours that go into this part of retreat planning, so if time is not your greatest commodity, handing over the reigns for will relieve much stress!

For this service, the investment is $2495

Level 3

This level of service includes all of my skill sets with retreats! I will organize the entire retreat for you, including all of what is listed in Level 2 and then assist you at the retreat itself. I will be the liaison for the chefs, managers, excursion guides, and transportation people. I will help get your people together in one place, and be the communication contact for them as well. I will help get them settled and ready for the experience, and handle the problems and issues that arise (and there are always issues!).

I will be the behind-the-scenes person so that you may focus on teaching and experiencing the fun with your people.

If you desire an assistant for classes, or to handle some of the teaching load, including teaching classes for those who might not wish to experience excursions and would rather stay back and practice, I can help with that, too. For this additional help, we will discuss your desires in this area, and together decide what this is worth to you and I both, and decide on an added amount to the fee.

Because of all the variables in this model, we will discuss the investment cost and reach an agreement before moving forward.