I offer two classes, through the Aspen Club, for “seniors” over 50. On Mondays there is a Gentle Yoga class, perfect for those who want to balance their strength and cardio exercises, with flexiblity.  We do a little of everything, and a lot of stretching. This is also a good introductory class for those less familiar with yoga.  It is not considered “beginning yoga” in the sense that we do focus on breath and poses and not necessarily the history and philosophical foundations of yoga.   The primary requirement is that you are able to get up and down from the floor.  

The second class, on Thursdays, I call Focused Yoga and it is also intended for “seniors.” Most of those attending have been doing so regularly, AND we have new people joining us almost every session. If you are new to yoga, you’ll be shown a variety of ways to enter into each pose, so you can discover for yourself which works best for you, no matter what level. I do recommend that you are relatively active and fit, as most of the folks in this class are as well.

In both classes we have a period of centering at the beginning of class, followed by breath work (in Sanskrit, called pranayama), the yoga exercises and postures (asana), and a wonderful period at the end of class for relaxation (Savasana, or Corpse Pose). Our asana practice will include poses to help with flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, and calming your nervous system, and is sprinkled with FUN!